Ume Bistro | Windsor Sushi

My Husband and I went to Ume’s in Windsor on Friday, February 18, 2011 around 8pm.  We were surprised to see it wasn’t super crowded.  We were greeted as soon as we walked in the door.  And I immediately noticed the place was clean and didn’t smell fishy, it smelled fresh.  I had exteremely high hopes for this place.  I have been hearing about how amazing Ume’s is for at least 6 months.  At the gym.  From friends.  etc.

I was beyond pleasantly surprised.  The fish was melt in your mouth fabulous.  It wasn’t overbearing in taste or smell.  It was devine.  Simply devine. 

We ordered Tai and Hamachi Nigiri, Tuna Crunch Roll, Rainbow Roll, Geisha Roll, and the Tiger Tail.  It was beautifully displayed. Honastly, I am sad I didn’t take pictures.  We got extra Wasabi without asking, which is HUGE.  We always run out of wasabi. 

We ate every single last bite.  The rolls were tightly wrapped and didn’t fall apart when you picked them up.  I hate not getting all my sushi in one bite.  None of the fish was over powering.  You could taste every single flavor in each roll.   I will say, the Tiger Tail had Mango on it with spicy tuna and it was fabulous.  It did take a bite or two to get used to it but by the end of the meal I was convinced that fish and fruit can be quite delightful together.

I would say that this place is moderately priced.  It wasn’t a cheap sushi joint but I didn’t feel like it was overpriced.  Our rolls were large, the cuts of fish were very generous, and there were heaping mounds of wasabi and ginger.

My only complaint would be that our server was lacking in personality and they use oval chopsticks which, in my opinion, makes it harder to grasp the sushi.  But like I said before, their rolls were tightly wrapped so it wasn’t too much of an issue.

I give Ume Bistro in Windsor 5 Cupcakes.  I judge my sushi restaurants on fish quality, presentation, creativity of the rolls, service, and if they offer Tai Nigiri (you’d be surprised to find how many places don’t get it).

Ume Bistro
8710 Old Redwood Hwy
Windsor, CA.

Go there.  Now.

Have you left yet?


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